Smoked Fish Types

Smoked Salmon – Lox – Nova

Traditionally, Lox refers to salmon, which has been cured in a very salty brine. Sometimes called belly lox, it is not smoked at all. Nova or Nova Lox on the other hand gets a milder cure and light smoking. Part of its milder taste comes from the addition of brown sugar to the brine. Only the finest King Salmon from the Pacific Northwest or farmed salmon from the Atlantic are used. After arrival, the fish are hand split, filleted and trimmed. These fish are cured for five days and then cold smoked for 10-12 hours. The resulting flavor is less salty and more subtle than Lox. However, these days the term Lox has become generic, and most people will ask for Lox when what they want is Nova. Chum salmon, (an under utilized and less expensive species which has a pale meat color) is also used to make Lox and Nova. Food coloring is added to enhance the appearance of these finished products. Smoked Salmon refers to any salmon, which is smoked, regardless of the specific process involved. Nova is packaged in sliced 3lb, 1lb, 8oz 4oz units and in presliced sides. Other forms are whole-unsliced sides, trimmings, and ground Nova. Lox is packaged in 3lb, 1lb and 4oz units.


Sablefish or Black Cod as it is sometimes referred, comes from cold Alaskan waters. These fish are favored for their texture, taste, and clean white flesh. After Filleting, sable is cured in a salt and garlic brine then brushed with paprika before cooking and smoking. Sable is sold in plate form (whole fillet) or sliced in to vacuum packed retail packages.

Chubs and Whitefish

Whitefish is a species found in the Great Lakes, averaging 21/2lbs each. Chubs, also from the Great Lakes look like a small whitefish but are a different species. Both of these fish are cleaned, salt brined, cooked, and smoked whole. Golden in color, chubs are sold whole by the pound; whitefish may be sold whole or cut in half.

Kippered Salmon

Kippered salmon or Baked salmon is made from white salmon, salt cured and cooked with a light golden smoke. The resulting texture is flakier than Nova and is sold in chunk form cut from fillets or sliced in vacuum-packed retail packages.


Mackerel is a favorite in the Northeast. Caught in cold Atlantic waters, it is then salt brined, cooked and smoked to a golden brown color. Mackerel is sold whole, vacuum packed fillets and lemon peppered fillets.


Trout comes mostly from farms in Idaho and is salt cured, cooked and golden smoked. It is sold whole, filleted, or lemon peppered filleted.


We use only Argentine Whiting because of the firmness of its meat. Whiting comes whole, filleted, or lemon peppered filleted and has salt added and a golden color.


An East Coast favorite, Bluefish has a very distinct flavor. Fillets are usually large so they are cut into smaller pieces. Sugar is added to its salt brine to mellow the flavor. These are cooked and smoked to a golden brown and sold vacuum packed.


Cut from yellowfin tuna loins, our tuna is sold in steaked or sliced forms. Vacuum packed and with a golden brown color, Tuna is great for making dips and spreads.

Herring in Wine and Herring in Cream Sauce

The colder the water, the better when it comes to sourcing herring. Fishermen in Newfoundland and Iceland pack heavily salted herring fillets in barrels. These are then soaked to remove much of the salt and then pickled using spices, seasoning, vinegar, and sugar. They can then be packed in either wine sauce or cream sauce. Packaging forms consists of gallons or pails for fillets and gallons, 32oz or 16oz jars for herring party snacks (cut fillets).

Schmaltz and Milker Herring

Schmaltz herring is whole herring with insides intact but the head off. Heavily in salt, its brine also has brown sugar added to it. This can be used by people who want to make their own pickled herring or the salt can be soaked out and the fish cooked. Milker herring is basically the same but only the male fish are used, prized for their milk.

Smoked Whitefish Salad

A perfectly balanced combination of our golden smoked whitefish, creamy mayonnaise, and a special blend of spices makes this chunky homestyle whitefish salad a winner. Available in 8 oz. and 5 lb. containers or custom packed to your specifications.

Hot Smoke vs. Cold Smoke

Some smoked fish is hot smoked and others are cold smoked. Hot smoke involves cooking the fish and then adding smoke for flavor. Cold smoke involves long periods of drying the fish with smoke blown over the fish to cure and flavor the fish. Both processes involve adding salt and other flavorings.